Weight Management on a Business Trip: Wrap-Up

I just returned from a week-long business trip. I had to use all of my weight management tools, and even then it was a challenging week for me. The meetings were held in small, windowless rooms, lunch was brought in and there was no time to leave the meeting for a walk or even to find my own lunch. I had to eat restaurant food for practically every meal, which is very hard for weight management. I fell into a sort of routine:

First thing in the morning I’d get some hot cereal from the hotel buffet, and grab a banana to put in my bag for later in the day, which I would eat whenever I needed throughout the day. Then, on the way to the meeting I’d hit the little cafeteria and grab some fruit and some coffee and fill my bottle with water. Mid-morning I’d eat my fruit, then await the bad news of lunch. Twice it was pizza, once each it was sandwiches and Mexican food.  I did put in a special request with the meeting organizer on the first day to make sure there was always salad. So for lunch I would fill my plate about 3/4 full of salad, be very conservative with the dressing available, then have a small portion of whatever the rest of the meal was. Two thin slices of veggie pizza isn’t too bad, as these things go. I did alright with lunches.

In the afternoon I’d go to the little cafeteria during one of our 10-minute breaks and grab some fruit or a Greek yogurt for a mid-afternoon snack. I posted on Monday that I would hit the gym twice during the week. That didn’t happen, I did the gym on Tuesday and by Thursday I was so exhausted from the grueling, non-stop meetings that I just couldn’t make myself go. Instead I went out for Peruvian food at a nearby restaurant. You know what’s great about Peruvian? They usually have a great selection of seafood, so I had some grilled prawns and a glass of wine.

Last night I got home after dark so my husband went with me for an hour-long walk around the neighborhood, we were both hungry and tired, and without any food in the house so we also stopped for Indian food, I had bindi masala – okra stir-fried with onions and chilies. I like Indian because you can always get dishes that have lots of vegetables.

It wasn’t a great weight management week, but it could have been a whole lot worse. How was your week?


One Response to “Weight Management on a Business Trip: Wrap-Up”

  1. Bluezy Says:

    It is a good thing to demand a healthier option in your business eatery! I like how now a days, some schools have a salad bar. I felt good the other day going into a c store to get my grand children a snack. Yogurt and juice. I was glad to see the options beyond the chips, candy and soda of past days.

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