What I did today to keep it off

I’ve been on the road this evening, traveling for work, I had to eat my dinner at the SJC airport. I went to the Original Joe’s (Airport Joe’s?) and ordered a Caprese salad and a cup of Minestrone soup. Very filling, decently tasty. I’d estimate about 300 calories for the salad (lots of olive oil, slices of tomato and a few small balls of mozzarella) and 100 for the soup (just a cup).

The other thing I did today to manage my weight was pack my gym shoes and workout clothes into my suitcase FIRST so I knew there would be room for them. The Embassy Suites I stay at when I’m traveling down here to LA has a great set of weights in the fitness room, and a lackluster assortment of cardio equipment, so I always plan to get a great weightlifting workout the first day I’m here, then round out the rest of the time with HIIT cardio, to aim for a full hour of moving my body. I try to do it every day I’m here in the evening. It’s so essential when I’m traveling for work, as the rest of my time is mainly sitting in conference rooms all day.

I also have a plan for food tomorrow and the rest of the week. Breakfast is easy, the hotel usually has hot cereal available. For lunch, I know the cafeteria on site where the meetings will be held has great soups and a nice variety of yogurt, fruit, tuna salad and cottage cheese so snacks and lunch should be easy to get and very supportive.

I feel confident going into my week here in LA that I can make the right choices to manage my weight. What are your plans for the challenges you face this week?


3 Responses to “What I did today to keep it off”

  1. Yoko Olsgaard Says:

    John’s Bday party is tonight. Tonight, my aim is to stick to 1 count them 1 serving of cake and it will be small. Bought a very expensive cake so everyone gets a small slice! Hee hee! Everything else will be 1 serving only except for salad! 🙂

  2. Ajax Says:

    We have company visiting this weekend, and that usually means some extravagant indulgence. My plan is to (1) cook at home, avoiding our usual fat-and-carbs routine at a Mexican restaurant; (2) stick to the crudites rather than the Doritos during couch time; (3) sugar-free tonic water with bitters instead of gin. I don’t know if I can rely on my willpower around chips, which are my kryptonite, but I certainly need the practice!

    Good luck on your your own week — though I doubt you’ll need it; your prep sounds very thoughtful. I particularly liked packing gym clothes first, very tricky!

  3. Betsy Says:

    I think my biggest challenge has been staying ahead of myself during a busier-than-usual week at the office. I did manage to cook dinner last night (soft tacos with chicken, mushrooms, and plenty of veggies), and I made enough for two days’ lunches. That, plus homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers, meant I had enough good stuff in my lunchbox today to be able to ignore the Halloween candy that somebody has already helpfully left on the break room table. Ignoring sweets is not one of my talents, but if I’m hungry—forget it.

    The other part is that the days are getting shorter and wetter, which seriously slows down my outdoor biking schedule. I’m going to check the weather and try riding tomorrow, which will mean getting out super early. The other days this week, I did get out for a walk at lunchtime. And I should be able to get a shovel into the ground this weekend and bike to the things I have going on for Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping to maintain some of my biking muscles through the winter, and maybe start to work on my arms, though I have been hesitating so far, because of some pain in one wrist.

    I found myself craving dessert this evening (as i often do after lighter dinners). I’m going to try not to do this too often, but I found that mixing milk and cocoa powder with a very moderate amount of raw sugar (the big, brownish, grainy stuff) and microwaving produces a beverage that’s chocolaty but not too sweet, certainly less so than any packaged mix. And since I’m mixing it myself, I can make just enough to satisfy the craving. I’m not crazy about artificial sweeteners (I’d rather have real sweetener, but less of it), but I’m wondering if the other flavors in this mix would be strong enough that a touch of stevia could supply the sweetness. I may have to try that, along with some chocolate mint (this is a plant I am growing on my back porch). If dessert is going to happen anyway, it might as well taste good and be made with appropriate amounts of natural stuff.

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