What I did today to keep it off

I got up first thing this morning and went for a run. I knew I would have a very social day, with some unsupportive foods, so my best course would be to get my exercise in first thing, so I did. Tomorrow I have another very busy day, so I plan to get up early and lift weights then hit the road on my bike for at least a half hour before my day’s planned activities begin.

Today on the food front could certainly have been better, but there are times when it is not possible or desirable to adhere strictly to a food plan. I know that I need to do this for the rest of my life, and a strict diet for the rest of my life isn’t realistic. I adhere as closely as I can to my supportive foods (fruits, veggies, and lean proteins) almost every day so that on those days when it just isn’t possible, I don’t need to beat myself up. I can’t make a regular habit of it, but I can occasionally indulge in cocktails and smores with friends around a campfire. Making sure I ate a healthy, supportive dinner before the treats helped to limit my appetite for them.

Tomorrow I will likely pack some food to take with me on my travels, my husband wants to go to a car show and I am positive that I won’t find what I need so I’ll need to use a couple of my regular tools: 1) eat before I go so I’m full when I get there, and 2) bring along emergency rations of supportive foods  just in case we are there long enough to warrant it.


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