Look what I found!

In the process of putting together the post on VLCDs and my experiences with the one I did I found a video of me talking about why I chose the HMR program. I’m the first segment. This was shot back in the Fall of 2006.

I’m tickled to have found this because I had completely forgotten I did it! Back when they invited me to be part of their advertising campaign, they’d also shot some video where they interviewed me and some of the other success stories about our experiences. But, in the hustle and bustle of that day being made up and photographed and wined and dined in and around Boston, MA, I’d sort of forgotten about the 20-30 minutes I spent answering questions in front of a video camera. Fun!

For the record: I do not receive any promotional fees or anything else from any of the programs I mention. I support the tools and programs that I support because they have worked for me. I am not selling anything.


One Response to “Look what I found!”

  1. Shana Says:

    That is pretty cool!

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