What I did today to keep it off

I woke up feeling a tickle in the back of my throat this morning. It may or may not turn into a cold, but it left me feeling a little bit slow and draggy.

Also, due to reaching the dregs of the lunch items in my kitchen (time to hit the grocery store), the fruit  I had today was pretty uninspiring. An orange that had been kicking around in the back of the fridge for a month, a mushy apple…

So I found myself feeling less than 100%, with food I didn’t want. I made the decision to go for my lunchtime walk anyway, hoping it would help me feel better physically. After my walk I was hungry so I went downstairs to the cafeteria and got a bowl of minestrone soup and a ripe nectarine. Soup is an excellent choice for weight management, so I’m pleased that was available. My company cafeteria usually has 2 types of soup available, and minestrone is a very supportive option. The only thing I had to do was remember my priorities and choose it over the many other unsupportive options in the cafeteria.

I never call food “bad” or “good.” It is what it is, and either it’s something that’s going to support my efforts or it’s something I’ll have to work hard in the gym to balance out. Besides, I love food, all food. There’s no bad food (well, ok, there is bad food, but I don’t consider fast food very often), there’s just food that would be a good option for my goals right now, and food that would not.

I’m hoping to get out of work today in time to get a bike ride in, as my leg is still hurting too much to run. It is, however, feeling better every day so I’m hopeful that I can return to running soon.


3 Responses to “What I did today to keep it off”

  1. Christine Says:

    I noticed your choice of wording before when you talk about food: supportive and unsupportive. Nice verbal and mental re-direct! It takes the guilt and longing factors out of the equation and puts a whole new perspective on making positive changes. These are the tools I’m talking about!

    PS: I hope your leg feels better soon. I can completely understand where you are coming from. When my knee goes all arthritic on me and I need to dance, it’s so frustrating, and in a way, stressful to NOT be able to exercise when I want to.

  2. Morgan Says:

    I appreciate that you’ve taken the false morality out of food choices. I like your characterizations of foods that take you toward your goals or away from them as supportive and non. IMO, a much more mentally healthy way to approach eating.

    • Laina Says:

      I think it’s really important to reduce the emotional drama around food. I spent years berating myself when I made the wrong choices but it was ultimately self-defeating, and think of all that time I spent being mean to me. Ugh.

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