What I’m doing today to keep it off

Today I am challenged to get vigorous exercise because I hurt my leg the last time I went running and it’s still quite painful, even to walk. Riding a bicycle seems ok, so that’s what I’ll do after I’ve posted this.

I thought I’d share with you something I need to do which ties into the environmental control I wrote about this morning. There’s a bottle of hard cider in my refrigerator right at eye level that has been there for weeks. Every time I open the fridge I think, “Mmm, that is JUST what I’d like to have right now,” but I don’t grab it because either I’m working and drinking would be inappropriate, or I don’t have room for it in my calorie budget for the day. But it’s close – it’s not an easy fight some days because it is really, really good cider. So while I’ve been very meticulous about my food today – planning my meals, bringing my lunch to work, not going outside of my planned consumption – that stupid bottle of cider could derail me at any moment.

I think I’ll go put that down on a bottom shelf in the back now. Follow my own advice, as it were. Then I’m going to get my bike out and go for a ride.


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