What I’m doing today to keep it off

Today I went to a Bachelorette Party for Liz. I knew it wouldn’t be a food-focused event, but I also knew there would be snacks available, so I needed to do some very quick prep – mentally and physically. Physically, I ate a small meal before I headed over so that I wouldn’t be walking into a snack food environment hungry. I never want to walk into a grazing environment hungry because if I’m hungry once I’ve started I can’t stop. Going with something in my belly allows me to exert some control over my eating. The mental prep was simply to make an agreement with myself that I could eat all fruit and veggies I want, plus one sweet treat – a cookie or a brownie. That’s the deal, and I stuck to it with on deviation – I had a cookie AND a brownie. Hey, I never said I was perfect, but it is certainly better than the result I could have had if I had grazed mindlessly. And I had a lovely time.

And now I shall entice my husband away from The Football for a bike ride, I’ve plotted about a 12 mile route.


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