What I’m doing today to keep it off

I’m going to a wedding later today, but before that I have time for a bike ride to get some exercise.

Today my challenge is eating at the reception after the wedding. I have no idea what will be available, so I have to have a framework for what I intend to do. Similar to how I handle restaurants, I need to decide before I get there what I will have. Which is harder to do when I don’t know what is on the menu. How do I make healthy decisions when I don’t know what my options will be? I make a mental plan based on what is likely. I know that there will be a meal, and I know that usually some type of protein and vegetables will be available, so it’s not actually very difficult to plan to eat a 3-5 ounce portion of lean meat and fill the rest of my plate with vegetables. The hard part is not putting foods with a high caloric density on my plate, but when I go in with an intention already formed of what I plan to do, it makes adding those foods to my plate a little less likely.

Cake, well, I usually share a piece with my husband, that’s both sweet and romantic, and a better choice for managing my weight than eating a whole one myself.

So that’s my plan for managing my weight today. What’s your challenge and how will you handle it?


6 Responses to “What I’m doing today to keep it off”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    My challenge today will be shopping for myself while I’m housesitting and not knowing how long I’ll be away from home. And not many tools to cook with since the owner eats mostly Jenny Craig frozen dinners (which is a big difference than my house since my brother’s a culinary brat). Hit the farmers’ market this morning for fruit and some green beans, which I love raw, then headed to the market for some ground turkey — a lot can be done with that once I find the cooking spray.
    Exercise plan? Well, after going to dinner with a group of friends (the cod dish looks tempting and not overly filled with calories), I’ll be going for a long evening walk with a friend and her pooch. Probably squeeze in some crunches or something before dinner, too.
    Work it, girl!

    • Laina Says:

      Right on! Looks like you’ve got things well in hand!

      • Elizabeth Says:

        Well, I went with the angus burger with a side of grilled asparagus. Didn’t realize the cod came with cauliflower and I’ve never been a fan. Figured the meat from the burger, a taste of the bun, and the veggies would keep me plenty full and away from ordering fries. Boy was a right!

  2. Donna Says:

    “I usually share a piece with my husband, that’s both sweet and romantic”
    Sweet in both senses of the word 🙂

    The cakes at the wedding today are a buffet. I’m bringing one. It is very chocolaty but doesn’t have tons of sugar or flour … just in case that helps. It is also pretty damn tasty if I do say so myself 🙂

  3. Betsy Says:

    Mostly I’m taking today off to let all of me that is tired and sore rest, and to catch up on my sleep. I did take a short bike ride to the bike store (all of about 2 miles, at a very moderate pace) and got a patch kit, portable pump, and bike light (already installed). Dinner isn’t planned yet, but will probably include homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, and/or zucchini, since that is what I have to use up from my garden.

    I haven’t yet mastered the cool-season crops I’ll need to get there, but one of my eventual goals is to eat at least one thing from my own garden every day.

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