Seated Workouts

Two posts in one day! I’m a madwoman!

Actually, I just remembered to post this for a couple of friends I know who have some mobility issues but still want to get some exercise. I was reminded because another friend of mine popped up today and said she was having some issues as well but still wanted to exercise.

Guys, I am so impressed with you. Seriously. I am so impressed that people who are already fighting so hard every day, dealing with chronic pain and trouble getting around, STILL want to find a way to move it, move it! I consider these ladies to be role models of inner strength and determination!

So here’s this video I found from my favorite YouTube trainer, Jessica Smith. It’s a 40-minute Seated Chair Cardio and Strength Workout. Obviously 40 minutes is a pretty long and intense workout if it’s been a while, so if you’re not ready for that, try this one: 20-minute Abs, Legs, and Arms workout.

Another shorter one you might enjoy is 15-minute Chair Yoga. And when you’re done, or anytime really, check out the 10-Minute Seated Chair Stretch video.

I’ve been searching around on this topic, and there are a lot of YouTube vids out there, like this 10-minute Seated Cardio workout from sparkpeople, but they tend to not have any music or be boring or repetitive. I personally don’t think you should have to do a dull or monotonous workout due to a physical limitation. But, just because I couldn’t turn up anything better doesn’t mean you can’t! It’s out there. Shoot me a comment if you have a seated workout you love that I haven’t mentioned so I can post the link!

Update – Here’s another program: Sit and Be Fit (Thanks Trystan!)

Treating Myself

I’ve modified my blitz this week so that I can have a glass of wine in the evening if I feel like it. An occasional glass of wine with dinner is good for you. Or so I have read.

This week I’m alternating cardio and strength workouts. Monday I did Superset Sculpting. I was sore again, but not nearly as much as last week, the first time I did it. So yesterday I figured a nice light cardio workout would be perfect, and found Disco Dance Walk. That was fun, and I really enjoyed the music!

This morning I tried out 2-in-1 Toning. It says it’s a 30-minute workout, but it felt shorter. I see now that it’s 28 minutes, and it really flew by! I definitely feel like it worked everything though, no shortchanging there. I expect to be sore tomorrow, when I hope to go out for a run, depending on the weather. (It was below 40 degrees F here this morning. Too cold for me! I’m a delicate flower.)

And finally, I found this article on treats that don’t involve eating or shopping. This is a great list! I’m strongly considering making myself a DIY face mask later today. How do you treat yourself in a healthy way?

Superset Sculpting Workout

Body parts currently very angry with me: Arms. Chest. Inner thighs. Abs.

I’d call that a successful workout! Yesterday I did Superset Sculpting and while it flew by fast, it left lingering reminders in the form of soreness! I don’t mind one bit, being sore makes me feel alive, a constant reminder that I’m improving my body.

I went for a walk in the evening yesterday too, mostly because I’d done nothing on Monday due to an impending work deadline that had me grinding all day long until late in the evening with no time for exercise.

Today I’m mostly down for stretching and maybe a walk later. Nothing too vigorous after working it so hard yesterday!

I’m still Blitzing, and still staying on-program. It’s easy for me once I’m in the groove, although I’ve been having cravings in the evenings after dinner that I need to find a way to quash. I’ve accepted that I won’t really see any changes in my body with all this virtuous effort, but clothes fitting better and having less overall pain is a worthy goal, too.

I’m also considering trying out RentTheRunway. My husband’s 50th birthday is coming up and a glam party is in order, as well as a sparkly dress. Since I just culled a bunch of dresses I don’t/can’t wear anymore, I’m not seeing much appeal to buying a fancy dress I’ll only wear a few times. Has anybody used this service before, and what did you think?

Vicious Circle!

The more strength training I do the easier and better my running gets! Love that vicious circle!

Yesterday I had a migraine most of the day. When it finally started to slacken off late in the evening I was left with excruciating shoulder and neck pain. Why? Because I exercise almost every day to ward off the pain, and when I have a migraine I can’t exercise. Hate that vicious circle!

The longer I blitz, the less I can eat even if I wanted to stray because my stomach has become more accustomed to smaller portions. Excellent vicious circle!

The longer I do strength training the more it becomes obvious that I have to pick the advanced moves in my workout DVDs. The better you get, the harder you have to work. I’m ok with this vicious circle.

What a “Lifestyle Change” Really Means

I’m not the first person to say, “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.” But maybe I’m the first person to really lay out what that means. When someone tells me they want to lose and keep off a significant amount of weight (to me that’s over 50 pounds), here’s what I wonder if they realize it means:

It means becoming an exercise obsessive. You’ll spend every day finding a time and place to exercise. You’ll spend time every day deciding what, where, and when. You’ll feel like crap if you don’t do it. It means that every day, every single one for the rest of your life, EVERY DAY, exercise is going to be a factor. You may not exercise every day, but you’ll think about it, you’ll decide whether a rest day is reasonable for you today or not. And if not you’ll have to do something about it. Every day. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. There’s no end date. You’re going to become the kind of person who needs to get their workout in.

It means planning your food out, and making sure your choices are supportive of your weight goals. Every meal for the rest of your life. Every meal you’ll have to weigh the choices, and decide what you can and can’t put in your mouth, based on a myriad of factors you’ll be conscious of that may have never occurred to you before at mealtime. EVERY MEAL. When did I last eat? How much is left in my calorie budget? What’s the least horrible thing on this menu, that’ll blow the smallest hole possible in my food plan today? Can I get the dressing on the side? Do I have enough lean meat and veggies in my fridge to make a supportive meal at home? Oh god the company is bringing in pizza can I get away with a piece or do I have to settle for salad today while everyone else munches away? FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. There’s never gonna be a time again when you get to eat mindlessly and without a second thought.

It means never letting up, until you die. Every day you’ll have to make these calculations and every day you have to choose the path anew.

If you let up for a day, you’ll probably be ok. If you let up for 6 months…disaster. You may have to start all over again, and it’s harder the second time.

Why does anybody want this? Oh right, because the alternative is unbearable.

I hate it, I hate that I have to do this every single day until my last breath. As boring as it is to my friends to have to deal with my annoying food rules and preferences, it’s more annoying to me. As tedious as it is to observe my on-going love/hate affair with running and kickboxing and MetCon and super-setting and zumba and HIIT and cycling, it’s more tedious to have no choice but to keep at it, day after day, bored or not, enthusiastic or not.

Because I hate the alternative more. My alternative is 400+ pounds, limited mobility, and an early death. Screw that.


MetCon 5 Post-Report

Guys I am so sore.

My glutes are screaming. Sitting down has to be approached gingerly because it means sitting on my muscles that are so sore. Standing up is also going slow because my quads are surprisingly sore. I say surprisingly because I haven’t been this sore in months. The last time I was this sore was probably a year ago when I started the 30 Day Shred program (and my first steps into at-home workouts).

Additionally my core is sore – my obliques and back most notably. Sore sore sore. MetCon 5 has humbled me thoroughly.

I am definitely doing that again! And soon!

Running Gear Rundown, and MetCon 5

Yesterday I went for a run in my new 2XU compression pants. These are the only pants I ever run in. The new version has been redesigned a bit – they’ve removed the drawstring and reinforced the waistband, and maybe some other changes (?), but the comfort is vastly improved! I use compression because of my particular situation, wherein I have a large scar that runs around my body at hip level, leaving the weight of my saddlebags to pull right on that scar. The compression pants keep everything in place and keeps the scar from getting pulled too much.

I only run in Asics, and I swear by my CW-X Stabilyx running bra. According to their measuring methods I’m a DD, which is new to me. But according to Victoria’s Secret I’m also a DD. The only conclusion I’m left with is that when I turned 40 my breasts started growing a bit. Now, I’m a large-framed person (6 feet tall) so they certainly don’t read as a large rack. But it’s a bit surprising, having been someone who relied on her wit and sarcasm all her life, to suddenly have vast tracts of land. I don’t think I like it, but I’m sure I didn’t get a choice.

Oh and socks! I love my running socks. They’re Balega Enduro 2 and I get them at my local running store.

So that’s the gear I’m currently using. I still run in a baggy old t-shirt and with an old-fashioned iPod from 2006, so I’m not all fancy gear and cutting-edge technology!

This morning I picked a strength workout on the ol’ YouTube from Jessica Smith and ended up doing something called MetCon 5. I wasn’t sure what the title meant so I googled it, and well, if The Terminator says it’s good stuff, who am I to argue? I am certainly going to be sore tomorrow – I feel like a limp noodle right now. I never expect the kinds of results that Arnie’s blog is promising, I just like to be the strongest person I can be!


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